Jane Kelly Dressage

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Jane Kelly is an award-winning equestrian instructor. Jane grew up participating in 4-H and Pony Club activities in New York. Jane showed extensively in hunter and equitation classes, qualified for the Maclay Finals and evented through the Preliminary level, and is a graduate "A" of the United States Pony Club.

Her equestrian training spanned two continents as she trained in Germany for three years schooling through the Grand Prix level. Jane received numerous awards from the Michigan Dressage Association (MDA), Great Lakes Dressage Club (GLDC) and United States Dressage Federation (USDF) for her competition success in Materiale through Grand Prix classes. Jane has been a Pony Club National Examiner for 18 years. She achieved the USDF medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Jane is a USDF "L" graduate judge, a USDF Associate Instructor, a Centered Riding Instructor, and was a 2009 USDF PM Delegate for Region 2.

Jane is married to Colonel Jim Kelly, a 1984 Graduate of West Point. Jane graduated with honors from Long Island University with a B.S. of Nursing. She has two sons, Sean and Scott. Sean is a graduate of West Point and Columbia University Medical School. He is currently living in San Antonio. Scott is a graduate of the University of Michigan who is currently working a Chief Technology Officer of an education software company in Chicago.